RoihuAcademy is a new concept with an aim to develop new ways to integrate skills learnt in volunteering to studies and worklife.

Scouting has always been a way of learning new skills and now is the time to let everyone else know about that too! Roihu is a large learning project where people gain knowledge and skills for a variety of tasks. At Roihu, participants will be able to take on staff positions where they will truly develop themselves as scouts and as people.

What is RoihuAcademy?

RoihuAcademy is a new concept that will help people to present concretically the skills they have learnt, in scouting as volunteers, to themselves but more importantly to their place of study and workplace. Recruitment for staff positions is done with an aim to help each volunteer to gain knowledge, which makes the staff position just a touch more interesting.

For Finnish participants, Roihu offers a variety of ways to integrate their knowledge and skills gained at Roihu into their degrees. However, direct compensation in the form of e.g. courses cannot be promised as those are always up to the school to decide. RoihuAcademy works in collaboration with The Finnish National Board of Education, a number of schools and representatives from a number of workplaces.

RoihuAcademy is experimenting with knowledge directed recruitment, which involves two different ways to see a staff positions:

  • A person knows what they want to learn and will seek a staff position, which will help them to gain this knowledge
  • Any knowledge gained whilst in a staff position can be written into a formal certificate. At a later date, participants can seek recognition from their place of study with this certificate and perhaps integrate it into their studies.


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