Interview with the Camp Chief Heikki

On the last day of Roihu I had arranged an interview with one of the two Camp Chief Operating Officers, Heikki “Piitu” Piitulainen. As we meet he asked me to do the interview while walking to his tent to pick up some things before heading to the camp closing ceremony. I instantly get the feeling he is just a normal guy.
Johanna Korhonen | 9 months ago

A Day in a Life of a Scouter in Roihu

As the camp has finished and most campers have returned home, the stories of the camp life have been shared with families and friends. However, to give more of an insight into what life really was like in the seventh Finnjamboree Roihu, this article peeks into a Finnish Scouter Anette Kemppi's camp life for 24 hours.
Johanna Korhonen | 11 months ago

How do you cope with your emotions?

A tragedy struck the camp on Monday when a young British Scout passed away. It affected all of the campers in one way or another, but almost inevitably the ones most affected were those who knew him.
Kiia Huttunen | 11 months ago

Antti 22 years old is searching for a cuddle buddy at Roihu

Antti 22 years old, has achieved a great popularity during the seventh Finnjamboree. This mysterious camper became famous from a notice made in the first edition of the camp newspaper Käry. Antti has also been mentioned during the mid-camp ceremony and in another notice made in the second edition of Käry. The search for the mysterious Antti began from the notice in the first edition of Käry on the 21st of July and ended with the encounter of our hero the 24th of July.
Asko Halonen | 11 months ago

Disabled Scouter Team, how has it worked?

For the first time in Finland’s Jamboree history Roihu2016 have sought disabled Scouts and Scouters to join the camping experience of 17000 other Scouts.
Adrian Short | 11 months ago

The mystery of Tiski Timo

At every big Scout camp there is at least one confusing story that goes viral quickly. This is the story about a 19 year old Finn called Timo, who turned out to be the "victim" of the rumors this time.
Lioba Vienenkötter | 11 months ago

Black coffee at the Black Magic Café

Hot drinks, music and good conversations: German Rovers enthused countless Scouts of Roihu with their Black Magic Café.
Lioba Vienenkötter | 11 months ago

The Bonfire Bakery

If you get hungry at the Roihu 2016 camp, there are plenty of restaurants and shops where you can buy food. A very different and interesting one is the Bonfire Bakery. I talked to Simo Pynnönen, the head of the bakery and found out some interesting facts about it.
Rodrigo Feitl-Schönleitner | 11 months ago

Evolved Camp Structures

There are many impressive and creative buildings at the Roihu camp but today I would like to introduce two special ones to you.
Katrin Ecker | 11 months ago

There are real animals in Roihu!

There are actual farm animals in the Seventh Finnjamboree to educate children and evoke discussion. Find out what animals there are and what it takes to keep them in the forest for two weeks.
Johanna Korhonen | 11 months ago

Humina's Subcamp evening

Each Subcamp in Roihu has a Subcamp´s evening and so was Humina last night. This event consisted of several sport´s games in which the different units competed with each other.
Lioba Vienenkötter | 11 months ago

Day trips at Roihu

Camp life is quiet busy, especially if you are part of the International Service Team. Therefore, Roihu offers several day trips to Scouts older than 18 years for relaxing or seeing something else than the campsite and your tent. But what are these day trips about and do they refresh their participants?
Lioba Vienenkötter | 11 months ago

The Spiritual Evening and Prayer in Roihu

Both the evening prayer and non-religious spiritual evening were in three languages and had a theme of four themes that are manifested in scouting: myself, nature, society and people who you love.
Johanna Korhonen | 11 months ago

Visitors Day Expections

All of the people I interviewed traveled to the camp by bus provided by Roihu2016 to see their children, family or friends.
Katrin Ecker | 11 months ago

A typical day off for a Rover

Each Scout or Scouters day can vary in what they are doing, however, they all follow the same timelines for meals, personnel time, work or activities.
Mario Wölflingseder | 11 months ago

Working In The Web Team As An International Participant

The seventh Finjamboree presents the 3000 international scouts and scouters a lot of different opportunities, one of which is working as a website journalist on the webteam.
Magdalena Widerin | 11 months ago

25th of July 2016

Half of the Roihu camp is over now and still, nearly everyone is motivated like on the first day. The weather is better than ever and everyone takes use of the activities.
Rodrigo Feitl-Schönleitner | 11 months ago

Roihu informs

There was an unexpected medical emergency at Roihu.
| 11 months ago

The Mid-Camp Ceremony

On Sunday the camp celebrated it's mid-camp ceremony. The show included some musical acts, the continuation of the Great Blaze drama as well as the outcome of the music style voting.
Mario Wölflingseder | 11 months ago

Scout Reviews: Camp Cafes

Discover each cafe's specialty items, there are 5 cafes in Roihu2016: Tauko Express, Life, Tempo, Soolo, and Express Intro. They all sell similar refreshments from fizzy drinks and coffee to chocolate bars and crisps. All cafe's have DJ tables for playing music apart from Cafe Express Intro in between Polte and the family camp Raiku. I went to explore the specialites of each cafe and here is a comparison and review of them all.
Johanna Korhonen | 11 months ago