How is it like to be 15-17 years old in Roihu? Here you can catch some glimpses but a lot will be left a secret until you get there!

Explorer program at Roihu is tailored specifically to 15-17 year old youth. It is unique and no other age group will have the same activities. Among others you will have a chance to experience a Room Escape, discover the Explorer Master Chef and do some Hay Bale Climbing.

Service assignments

An Explorer can have an assignment as an IST member or in some cases as a sub team leaded.

  • assignment needs to be such that it enables the Explorer to fully participate in Explorer activities
  • during the camp Explorers spend one third of their time with an assignment. This can be organized in various ways like for example two hours a day or two full days of assignment.

The assignment is a part of complete Roihu experience. Sometimes it might mean just plain hard work in order to keep the camp running. That is scouting and gives one a chance to better understand volunteering and finding satisfaction through a job well done.

Some Explorer assignments will take place within Roihu’s Service functions that include catering and waste management among others. A task might feel boring but a positive and open mindset will help one to understand the big picture. These tasks are where one will also get to know the most interesting people at Roihu!
The skills and knowledge acquired at Roihu could be a part of your formal education! All Explorers participating in Roihu will be able to apply a badge called Finnjamboree Experience. For those completing short assignments another Open Badge will be available. These are virtual badges that one can use to express their knowledge. Check these out here!

Nuoria partiolaisia ryhmäkuvassa leirillä
Picture: Harri Halmejärvi


Most of your time will be spent in the countless Explorer activities.

  • freedom of choice
  • approximately three full days to complete plus any free time you can squeeze in

Explorer activities are open from Thursday through Saturday and again from Monday through Wednesday. Opening hours are 9:30AM-12:30PM and 2:00PM-5PM. Activities requiring advance registration begin at 10:00AM or 2:00PM.

One can participate alone or as a member of a patrol. You are expected to participate in activities of all five programme themes. 

One day and night you will spend while participating in a Will-o'-the-Wisp

  • 24 hour activity in a Tribe of 20-30 scouts

Explorers’ programme is divided into five themes

1. Experience - Adrenaline rushes and some food for thought too. Time to chill as well.
2. Wilderness and Nature - How to feel the nature, survive and preserve it.
3. Lifestyle and Wellbeing - Learn about first aid and what it means to be free being me
4. Creativity - Play with fire, do some programming and do some crafts.
5. Ideology - The deep end, international experiences and issues of society.

Free time

Not all free time is wasted queuing for the activities as sometimes it’s okay to just sit down and relax!
You will have a change to visit cafes and shops alone or with frends.

After the camp an Eplorer…

…will participate in Ember activities as a member of the unit
…can continue with a sub team leader assignment if needed

Explorer’s steps towards Roihu

1. Feel it in the social media
2. Check out the Roihu profile picture machine
3. Familiarize yourself with the activity calendar
4. Register to the activities before the camp or latest during the first days of the camp
5. Pack your stuff well in advance
6. Be excited about Roihu!