Camp programme

Here you can find some sneak peeks about the camp programme at Roihu – more information will be available later on, so stay tuned!

The Roihu camp will take place from 20th to 28th of July 2016. All scouts from different age groups will be taken under consideration so that everyone has program suited for their own age!

Please see further information about the programme for specific age groups on separate sub pages on the left.

General programme for everyone

At Roihu, there will be big evening programmes that are for everyone, which will bring the camp together as one! The events bringing everyone at Roihu together, regardless of their age or subcamp, will be the following:

  • Opening (20th of July)
  • Meditational evening gathering (23rd of July)
  • Visitation day (24th of July)
  • Middle-of-camp (24th of July)
  • Closing (27th of July)

There will also be evening programme in a smaller scale – subcamps and camp groups will have their own evenings in addition to some International evening programme!

International Evening

We would love to know more about your ways of being a scout in your own home country. Whether you are a troop from the middle of the city or your troop prefers to only camp outside, please come and share it with us! More information here.

Trips and tours

For those of you who think the camp is too short and who want to explore around Finland, we offer the possibility to participate in a tour!
All tours will take place after the camp and last for four days. During these days you will get the opportunity to see parts of Finland you will not see during the camp and you gain more information about the Finnish culture and people. More information about the tours here.