Riehu - subcamp for families

Everyone from small children to grandparents is most welcome to join us at Roihu! To make family participation easier, we are proud to present Riehu: a dedicated family subcamp!

Riehu, the subcamp for families at Roihu, is the place that gathers children and parents together. Whenever you hear excited laughter, you know that Riehu is not far! A rough translation for the name Riehu would be rampage: the kind of playful rampage that children sometimes go into. In the context of Roihu, the subcamp's name simply states that energy will never run out at Riehu! The Family camp Riehu is one of the seven subcamps in Roihu. It enables parents to join Roihu's activities part or full time by giving a full camp experience for children and adults! The Family camp will also give good camp experiences for children and adults that are not yet members of Guides/Scouts.

Info letters from the family camp staff camp can be found here.

General information

The Family camp will provide a kindergarten for 3 to 6 years old children and a dedicated camp programme for 7 to 11-year-olds in order to allow parents to participate in staff duties. In principal, every adult attending the camp should have a staff position or participate in the camp duties.

  • Activities for the children will be available six days of the week from 9 am to 4 pm
  • The kindergarten will be closed and no junior programme will be arranged on the days of arrival, departure and visitation
    • On the arrival day, it is possible to visit the kindergarten in order to familiarize oneselves with the area
  • Junior programme or daycare will not be arranged during the days of building and deconstructing the camp
  • All children under 12 years old, even when living with the local groups, can participate in the daily programme at the Family Camp
  • There will also be an open kindergarten program available for children of all ages to participate with their parents
  • If your child does not speak Finnish or has special needs, he/she can join the programmes with one of their parents
    • Swedish speaking groups will be arranged if more than 10 children enroll per group and enough Swedish speaking care personnel can be found
  • Binding enrolment for the kindergarten and junior programme will be done together with the registration for the camp
  • Taking care of one's own and/or friends’ children under the age of 7 is comparable to a staff position
    • If this should be the case, the children cannot join the kindergarten, but an open kindergarten is available
  • In order for the family camp to run, all adults are expected to participate in the camp duties
  • You can get information on these short common duties from the Family camp Office

Nainen lukemassa kirjaa pienille lapsille

Picture: Johan Backas

Living and transportation at the Family camp Riehu

  • Families with children under the age of 12 can stay at the Family camp
  • Grandparents can also stay at Riehu, together with their families
    • Other adults who have staff duties should stay with their local groups
  • Parents who have children under the age of 12, can choose to stay at the Family camp with their children or at other subcamps with their local group
    • This has to be decided at the time of registration
  • At Family camp, attention is paid to the needs of children e.g. by providing hot showers and possibilities to heat meals. Other campsites might not have these facilities.
  • Everyone at the Family camp will live in a tent that they will bring themselves
    • You may agree with other families to stay together, but places cannot be reserved beforehand
    • If you want to set your tents together with another family, please arrive to the camp together
  • There is no car traffic inside the camp and the parking areas are located several kilometers away from the campsite. Transportation from the parking areas near the camp is arranged
    • Information on driving permissions and schedules before or after the camp will be given later
  • The camp area is large, so be prepared that distance from the Family camp to the common programme and event locations for juniors can be a few kilometers


The Family camp has its own distribution kitchen that serves the same meals that are served in the other camps as well. The children participating in the kindergarten or junior programme will have lunch at the Family camp.

  • Breakfast and dinner will be eaten together with the responsible parent at their own subcamp
  • Due to hygiene reasons and space limitations, families cannot store their own foods in the Family camp’s kitchen
  • However, there will be some room for medicines that need to be stored in the refrigerator

Family camp Office

  • The Family camp Office is open mostly during meal times
  • Services include co-ordinating the arrival and departure, distributing general information and allocating short duties

Family friendly programme

The families staying at Riehu will participate in Roihu's common programme together with the other subcamps. Besides the common programme, there will be special activities arranged for the Riehu children, either in the kindergarten or as junior programme. The idea is, that as many adults as possible will be able to participate in the camp duties while staying at the Family camp. There will be many kinds of tasks from which to choose from; some of them enable adults to take care of the duties together with the children.

More information about family camp's programme here!


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!