What is a camp day like for a 18- to 22-year-old Rover? Will there be any special programme outside the IST position? This page will give you a taste!

Rovers (age 18–22 years) will be working at the camp as IST’s or otherwise, but there will also be activities and day trips arranged to fully experience the Finnish way of scouting. 

The programme activities are optional and each Rover can choose which activities they want to participate in. Furthermore, cafés and subcamps will be offering smaller take away activities and happenings that Rovers can attend at their spare time!

Tyttöjä diskossa Johtajatulilla
Picture: Harri Halmejärvi

The Rover activities will revolve around three themes:

1. Self development & Wellbeing: focus on yourself by developing your mental and physical wellbeing.

2. Nature: experience the beautiful forests and lakes around the Roihu campsite in a whole new way!

3. Society: learn about ways to influence the world around us to make it a better place.

The rover activities timetable can be found here!

Staff positions

Rover programme consist of both service tasks and programme targeted specifically for them. There is a possibility to focus mostly on service or spend half of the time in programme and the other half in service, whichever suits your interests the best.

Even if your main focus is on service or you have a staff position that takes a lot of your time, you will have the opportunity to attend activities on your free time no matter what.

The service tasks will be selected using a separate selection tool which will be opened on February 2016. Rovers might also be interested in checking the open staff positions that are already on our website - there are several open and more will come!

At the camp a Rover will...

  • Live together with the other scouts he/she is travelling with
  • Spend most of their time in their staff position
    • Rovers can decide between a halftime or a fulltime position
    • even a fulltime position leaves time for relaxation and to spare!
  • Have the opportunity to participate in the Rover programme during their spare time
  • Relax in a café or shop with their friends