Home Hospitality for host families

Hosting international guests is a great way to experience Roihu's international groove!

Updated information about Home Hospitality! (18th of April, 2016)

We are currently placing Home Hospitality participants into their host families. However, we still need more families especially within five hours from the campsite. Depending on transportation arrangements, all families that have signed up for HH thus far will receive guests.

Families will receive more information about Home Hospitality by the end of May.

If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact the HH-manager Anita Isokääntä or HH-team leader Katri Söderqvist.

Home Hospitality

There will be a huge amount of participants coming to Roihu from all over the world! In the Home Hospitality program, Finnish scouts open their doors to these guests.

Home Hospitality program will take place before the acual camp, from Sunday the 16th of July until Tuesday the 19th of July. Participants will travel to the camp on Wednesday the 20th of July. More information about the travel arrangements will be available later on.

A host family is the guest's first encounter with the Finnish culture

Home Hospitality has no age limits and every group has a leader, so every scout can be a host for the international guests. Being a host is simple and free!

We ask the host families to properly accommodate the guests (there are some cultural differencies as to what it means) and to offer the guests the same normal food that your family usually eats — we'll notify you of the possible allergies before the guests arrive.

One family should usually host 2–3 guests, some times it might be required to host even more, depending on how many guests the family is able to accommodate. The number of guests you can host will be asked on the registration form.

During the Home Hospitality program, you should spend time with your guests and introduce them to the surroundings and the Finnish culture. We warmly recommend free of cost activities, such as bicycle trips to the nearby nature or local sights. You can do lots in three days!

You shouldn't expect your guests to pay for admissions, but you can consider visiting for example a museum, if the admission fee is not expensive. We do not recommend doing anything costly: even if your family would be happy to cover the guests' costs, it can put the guests into a difficult and uncomfortable situation.

We hope that your local group would be able to organise a happening or some activities for one day or an evening, for example a traditional evening bonfire together.

Roihu's Home Hospitality team will assemble a package for all the host families to draw inspiration and ideas from, on how to spend your time together with your guests.

Registering as a host family

You can register as a host family while enrolling to the camp. The international guests will register to the Home Hospitality program as they register to the camp, so we'll start the matchmaking process as soon as the registration period is over.

Since we do not know yet how many foreigners will register to the program, we unfortunately cannot promise that every willing host family will receive a guest. We'll let you know the results during May. We already know that some guests might not enroll before that, so the last matches will be known in June.

Even if you're not going to the camp yourself, you can still be a host for the guests! Just register as a host family with the same registration form you would enroll to the camp with, and fill in the necessary information stated below:

  • your personal information (name etc.)
  • choose the correct age group (from "I’m taking part the programme of" question)
  • choose the same answer from BOTH participation options: "I will only participate in the building/taking down camp or as a Home Hospitality host family"
  • fill in the remaining obligatory information
  • scroll down to the following: "I’m interested to host international guests before the camp (so called Home Hospitality)" -> choosing this will open a menu, where you'll need to choose the appropriate information regarding your family
  • choose "sign up"


Should you need any further assistance, please turn to the International team. We don't have all the answers as of yet, but we'll figure them out!

Please send your questions to us via Facebook on the Roihu International page or on ask.fm, so that others can make of use of our answers too. We'll reply as soon as possible!