Assembly and taking down camps

Would you like to experience the maximum amount of Roihu? Come with us to build the amazing camp and extend the experience!

You're most welcome to attend the assembly camp and the taking down camp even if you're not coming to the actual camp! For the assembly camp, you can choose a different staff position from the one you're doing at the camp as a staff member: we have lots to do and everyone will surely find something suitable and meaningful for themselves!

Participation in these before and after camps is completely free of charge.

Assembly camp

Miehiä rakentelemassa
Photo: Harri Halmejärvi

The assembly camp begins on Friday 15th of July at 9 am and ends on Tuesday 19th of July at 11.59 pm. On July 19th at 7 pm we will celebrate the assembly of the camp during which a dinner is served. The celebration will be held at the small stage right at the north end of the camp.

Everyone who has signed up to the assembly camp and works there, will receive a construction camp wristband that will act as an ID. The distribution of wristbands will continue until Tuesday morning.

Troops can bring their personal equipment during the assembly camp but driving permissions will be given for a duration of a few hours only. Vehicle traffic and access will be limited during the construction camp. The personal equipment should be taken to your camp unit's area.

There is no special security looking after personal equipment but normal camp security is at work during the assembly camp.

Taking down camp

The takedown camp will start on Thursday 28th of July when the campers have left the area and ends on Sunday 31st of July.

Those participating must sign up at the camp office on Wednesday 27th of July at 9 am onwards. This includes those who have not signed up in advance. The takedown camp will not have a separate ID bracelet.

On Saturday 30th of July we will have a great takedown celebration at Raffu's canope starting at 8 pm! The performers will be announced later.

Please also note that if you participate in the whole taking down camp, you're entitled to a camp fee discount of 20 €! The payment will be given in cash at the camp office on Sunday 31st at 10.30 am onwards.​


There will be transportation for the assembly and taking down camps from Hämeenlinna train station. More information here.

Useful information

Information about acommodation, meals, daily schedule etc. here. It is highly recommended to familiarize oneself with these before arriving at the assembly and taking down camps!


For further information, please don't hesitate to contact Roihu's Technical Directors.

Come join us in making the Roihu camp a working entity!