The year of Roihu

The year 2016 is the year of Roihu and it is time to get excited! Find out here what happens next.

The first registration period is closing soon and we're getting excited about the upcoming camp. On this page you can see the timeline for the year; more information will be published as soon as it is available. Also, a Join-in-Jamboree package will be published in February, so stay tuned!


The Roihu year has begun! To celebrate, we have started lighting the flames of Roihu with participants all over Finland gathering to start their weekly activities. You can also participate in sharing the flame to your own local group!

The video below will get you in the mood:


Man with a night fire
​Picture: Harri Halmejärvi

This is how it goes: gather your friends, troop or the whole local group together and light a fire in your own style. This can be, for example, a camp fire open to the families and friends or your group's private candle light moment. The commonality is the flame that is lighted together! The event is a great opportunity to share some basic information about the camp and also to get everyone excited!

Please share the pictures and videos of your own Roihu flames with the hashtags #roihu2016 and #now – we'll soon start admiring the spreading of Roihu on the website!

The main registration period closed and the final camp fee announced.


Roihu will show on the weekly activities and you will be able to get in the Roihu groove with a special activities set called Sparks. Sparks are activities that can be done by all age groups from cubs (age 8–10 years) to leaders, together with your own local group or in smaller groups. These activities are a great way of experiencing the feeling of the Finnjamboree even if you won’t be attending the camp! The Spark activities set will be published on the website later on.

The join-in programme will be published. The join-in programme is designed for scouts and guides around the world to join in on the amazing Roihu-experience from home. New activities will be revealed every month, and each task comes in levels from easy to advanced to suit both younger and older scouts.


Partner groups are divided.


Last call registration with higher fee is possible until 24th of April.

Invoices will be sent to participating groups.



We will finally have the long awaited camp! There will be a huge amount of happy campers coming in from all over the world during 20th–28th of July, 2016. You will also have exciting experiences and adventures during the Home Hospitality and the after camp trips around Finland.


During autumn we'll ease the Roihu longing with Ember activities. The idea is similar to the Sparks, more information will follow.