In a constructed environment obstacles are often manmade. This is why thinking about accessibility is important, already while planning!

There are no fully accessible places or things to do, because what is accessible to some people might be full of obstacles for someone else. The most important thing is to pay attention to all kinds of people. Accessibility-driven thinking is useful to everyone, from the small scouts in family camp and handicapped scouts to senior scouts.

What do we mean when we talk about handicapped scouts?

Handicapped scouts are scouts who need extra support in scouting because of a disability, long term illness, or some other hindrance. Their activities are roughly the same things as the activities of other scouts and age groups. The difference is in the individual scouts: for example there might be restrictions caused by a disability, or differences in ability to move, see, or hear.

Accessibility team

The Roihu Accessibility Team has a goal that as many camp participants and IST members could benefit from the idea of accessibility and can work together with a scout who needs extra support. A gutsy scout will always get along: it does not matter if you cannot do everything, because the most important thing is to be able to feel welcomed and to participate with others.

Malikeen työntekijä Tipi opaskoiran kanssa
Photo: Markus Perko

Equipment training

Roihu wants to offer support and training to local groups and IST members already before the camp in summer 2016. We organise equipment training in cooperation with Malike. Our aim is that local groups had better possibilities to offer activities to handicapped scouts.

More information and an FAQ about accessibility here.