Spiritual programme at Roihu

Do not forget to take time for yourself at the camp, spare a moment for thinking and concentration. Spirituality at Roihu comes alive through you and in a way that feels the most natural to you.

What does spirituality mean to you in scouts? The peaceful forest, prayer of thanks for a problem that has been solved, the best Masses, the wistful songs sang by the campfire, the conversations about world peace with your friends... just to name a few.

The spiritual programme at Roihu means the programme at camp that contains religious and spiritual acitivities. The programme can be tied to a certain religion or ideology. The camp committee has made a statement that every scout in Roihu creates a huge congregation and fills their spiritual needs as they wish. This is why there will not be just one certain active congregation at the camp but the participants can be active in their own subcamps or organize a variety of gatherings.

At Roihu, there will be many religions and ideologies presented! It's a chance for everyone to learn about our differencies while embracing one's own spirituality.

The team for Spiritual Programme collects the programme wishes put forth by the participants, e.g. events, and anyone is welcome to join! Read more about the events and how you could be a part of them under the headline of “Spirituality at Roihu”!

During the spring we'll be posting activities that give you tips for spirituality in your scout meetings as well as special blog posts where the writers think about different aspects of spirituality in scouting.

One big Spiritual Evening

The biggest programmes held by the team for Spiritual Programme are the Religious and Spiritual Evening prayers. The point of these events is to gather together, ponder, laugh and sing together. The religious option is held on the main stage, and its programme will be ecumenically Christian. The spiritual option means that there is no godly aspect in the programme: the event will be based on spirituality that everyone can relate to and embrace, no matter what their personal religion is. The events are held at the same time and you are free to choose between the programmes regardless of your religion.

Both of the big events are based on the education aims of Guides and Scouts of Finland. According to them, we as human beings have “responsibilities to one's God, to ourself, to others, to the society and to the enviroment. Resposibilities and relationship to one's God means positive attitude towards their religion, seeking one’s own spirituality and living by your own spiritual belief as well as the community’s belief”.

Spiritual and religious programme at the camp

You can wish for an event, and the Spiritual team and the youth leaders offered by the Lutheran Church of Finland will try to fulfill your wishes. However, any type of event you have in mind is most likely to happen if you are organizing it yourself! Whether you yearn for ecumenical morning prayers based on your own religion, a dialogue between religions during a coffee break or an evening moment with prayer and singing, let us know about it. We’ll book you a time and space in the camp and mention you in our calendar so that others can find there as well!

In every village of every subcamp there will be a youth leader or a priest. They offer a helping hand and an open ear for anyone who needs a person who listens, and they'll also help you to organize the spiritual programme you need. In every subcamp there will also be a special place for relaxing, conversation and silence. Scouters can relax and meet a youth leader or a priest also in the Oasis. You can also find educative programme about religion planned for different ages at the camp.

The Spiritual team's blog and activities

The team that organizes the Spiritual Programme is comprised of mostly volunteers around Finland. They will publish a blog post four times this spring, and you are welcome to use these texts as an inspiration in your scout meetings!

If you need to ask about anything, please don't hesitate to contact the team.

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