Here you can get to know the characters in Roihu's story!

Nani, 18yrs


Nani goes to a music oriented high school and does well in school. She has been a girl guide for a long time: she started out as a Brownie and since then she has really been into her hobby. Nani enjoys her popularity both in and outside of school. In her troop, Nani is a leader to a patrol of Trackers. All of the girls in the patrol adore Nani, because she always comes up with interesting activities for everyone. Nani also does many other things: she is the chief editor of the troop newspaper, in charge of the Advent calendars each year, a board member and always preparing food for their social events.

Likes: girl guiding, music high school, Trackers, singing, people around her

Dislikes: being from a small town, other people’s negativity

Quote: Smile and dream big! P.S. There’s always time to take a selfie.


Heri, 23 yrs


Heri has worked as a leader ever since she completed the leader training. She enjoys attention and is always willing to improve her team’s performance. She is also skilled in many areas and thus able to teach and help others. Heri sees potential in many people and is always eager to push them towards reaching their goals.

Likes: goals, reputation, succeeding, leading

Dislikes: goofing around, inefficiency

Quote: Success doesn’t come for free.




Melli, 19yrs


Melli is always on the go since she has many hobbies. She plays floorball and the guitar and is a girl scout. Melli enjoys doing things and having people around her. That’s why it bothers her that her twin brother Ugi often separates himself from people. Although their world views are completely different, they almost never fight. Melli has so many things to do that she often messes things up and forgets something she promised to do (or forgets her phone, her wallet AND her keys behind a locked door). However, Melli is brilliant at things that are important to her. She is the captain of her floorball team and one of the two leaders of a Brownie group. She is also a member of the district’s division that organises scouting competitions.

Likes: friends, girl guiding, playing musical instruments, laughing, positivity

Dislikes: fighting, complicated things

Quote: If people would just smile to each other, the world would be a much better place.


Ugi, 19yrs



Ugi is a quiet person who enjoys spending time alone. He is very fond of his family and is not looking forward to moving away. His twin sister Melli has always been one to support him and help him make decisions. Ugi leads a patrol of Adventurers together with Andy. Their meetings may sometimes be disorganised and unusual but the boys enjoy spending time with their leaders since Ugi and Andy talk about funny things together. Ugi is also the administrator of his troop’s website. He has a few friends but that makes the few all the more important. Ugi enjoys solitude, but he also likes working together with his scout friends.

Likes: music, playing musical instruments, listening, scouting

Dislikes: crowds, being the center of attention

Quote: Think before you speak, before you speak what you think.






Andy, 20yrsAndy

Andy is a bit lazy and inefficient. She’s always late and a bit lost with everything. She chose her high school because it was close by and she already knew many people who went there. Plus, she had heard that the food was pretty good. Andy doesn’t like school and is currently doing her fourth high school year (in Finland the normal time is 3 years). Andy has been very active in girl guiding, which is her only real hobby. In addition, she occasionally plays musical instruments. She always has a lollipop in her mouth, which often makes her speech difficult to understand. Andy’s sense of humour is a bit peculiar and people don’t always understand it.

Likes: girl guiding, listening to music, lollipops

Dislikes: school, hurry

Quote: Why stress, tomorrow will come anyway.


Ilkka, 17yrs

Ilkka has started scouting only a few years ago. Thanks to his new hobby, Ilkka has become more aware of and interested in the world around him, and experienced an enlightenment. He is a vegeterian. Ilkka also tries to remind his friends about the state of our globe, which sometimes might make them to grow impatient with him. Ilkka loves rhythmic music and is a music enthusiast. He can play many kinds of drums, but his absolute favourite is the djembe, which he always carries around with him. Ilkka is enthusiastic, open and empathic, but also eager and resolute. He likes to debate and exchange thoughts with other people.

Likes: scouting, making a difference, civil activity and tribal cultures

Dislikes: passivity, polluting

Quote: To a deserted island I would bring a hammock, a djembe and a neverending book. 


Kim, 17yrs

Kim isn't really interested in scouting, his hobbies are climbing and other sports. Kim knows Nani from primary school, and they have been good friends ever since. Kim is hard-working and systematic. He has a tight workout schedule and diet. Kim likes heavy metal, he has always liked it and he always will like it. Kim enjoys himself around other people, and likes to show off a little. He may seem arrogant at first, but he would do anything for the people close to him. Many things in scouting are new to Kim, and teamwork is not always easy for a lone wolf.

Likes: sports, order, climbing, knowing what to do

Dislikes: haste, vagueness, daydreaming

Quote: It´s not that hard