Video clips

The adventurous journey towards Roihu has begun! How will it be for Nani and her friends?

The videos have English and Swedish subtitles. Subtitles can be turned on each video, and you can choose the language in settings.

Part 7

The story ends.

Part 6

What happens, when the group returns from the camp?

Part 5

The rehearsal continues... and something surprising is about to happen!

Part 4

The first rehearsal – finally!

Part 3

Nani and Heri are starting to be desperate – they still don't have anyone to be the drummer!

Part 2

Nani is gathering a band to perform at Roihu. Easier said than done!

Part 1

Meet Nani, Heri, Melli and Ugi in the first video clip. What are they planning?