The Generator FAQ

On this page you will find frequently asked questions about The Generator.

This page has three parts:

Staff positions

I chose two staff positions. The other is a full staff position and the other 50%. Both of them said "Your choices have been saved into our system.".So are both of the staff positions valid now?

Unfortunately not. The system is very simple and allows only one staff position. If you can remember the positions, you can find your chief´s contact info and agree with them directly.

I accindentally enrolled as not a scout, even though I am. What should I do?

If you made a new registration instead of using your ScoutID, it´s okay. The Roihu Staff positions team goes through the registrations and corrects these kinds of errors.

​Are the staff positions tagged with "Rover 50% Staff position" meant only for rovers, or could an adult choose them as well as their full-time staff position?

The 50 % tag means that you can choose whether to take a 50% or a 100% assignment.

Can you apply for more than one staff position at a time?​

No, the Generator only remembers one staff position. (And this is not applying, you get the staff position you choose.) The 50% staff positions are meant for rovers, these same positions are 100% for adults.

​"Your chosen staff position is like a job, and you only get one shot at making a good first impression. Be active, call your team leader and introduce yourself." Does this mean that I might not get the staff position if I don´t make the right first impression?

Introducing yourself is good manners, not a job interview, so no need to worry.

​If I get to the confirmation page (the one that tells you to “cross your fingers for sunny skies during camp” ), have I gotten the staff position even though the descriptions says to “contact team leader”?

Yes you have. “Contact your team leader” means, that you can ask for more info if you want to. There are a few exceptions, for example the Camp security team and the Camp office, who want to interview their IST members.

​Where can I see my actual staff position, if I have more than one confirmation page open?

Close all windows and log in to the Generator again. The “Thank you!” -page opens, and when you scroll down you can see your staff position (and Will-o´-the-wisp). NB! This works for those who use Scout ID, not (at least yet) for anyone else.

​Will I get a confirmation message?

There won't be an automatic message sent to the team leader about who chose the staff position.


If I apply with my friend to the same Will-o´the-wisp and we are from the same group, how possible it is that we can go together?

We can't promise that all 3700 Explorers can go with their friends.

​When I registered for Urban Survival -Will-o´the-Wisp, it opened an error page, Is it full? A few others would have wanted this Will-o´-the-Wisp as well...

It is full, and we take no more registrations.

What if I registered for two Will-o´-the-wisps?​

If you chose them using your ScoutID, you can log in to The Generator again and check which one you are going to attend.

​Will the Will-o´-the-wisp descriptions published somewhere else than the Generator? I already chose my Will-o´-the-wisp, but it would be nice to see the description afterwards.

The descriptions and more info can be found here.

Editing registration information

I already chose a (Rover) staff position. Can I still apply for other staff positions through the list of open staff positions on the web page? Can I cancel the staff position I chose in The Generator, if I get chosen for another staff position?

You can cancel. Contact:

​My phone lagged, and I accidentally clicked Explorer though I am Rover. I noticed this only after choosing my staff position, can I still change this?

 Send an email to If you have an account in Kuksa, send it from there. 

Can I change my Will-o´-the-wisp?

More info on changing staff positions and Will-o´-the-Wisps will be coming soon. It won´t be possible to switch to Will-o´-the-wisps that are full.

​When I logged in to The Generator again, I ended up in the “Thank you” -page. What now?

You can change Will-o´-the-wisps and staff positions later in spring, more info coming soon.

​If someone who has registered for a Will-o´-the-wisp gets sick or has a summer job, can someone have their place? Is it possible to change Will-o´-the-wisp after registration?

At the moment it is not possible to change staff positions or Will-o´-the-wisps, but later in spring it will be. More info coming soon. You can not switch to Will-o´-the-wisps that are full.

​Can I change my contact info by emailing my team leader? I don´t have a ScoutID, so I registered using my caretaker´s username.

You can. Wait for contact from your team leader, and tell the new information right at the start, or send an email to

​Can I change my staff position? I already saved it.

More info on changing staff positions and Will-o´-the-wisps will be coming soon.

I chose a random Will-o´-the-wisp. Does this mean I can´t choose any of the other Will-o´-the-wisps that were available at the time? So I can´t change my registration before 15.3.2016?

At the moment changing is not possible, but more Will-o´-the-wisps will be available on 15.3. More info on changing staff positions and Will-o´-the-Wisps will be coming soon.

​Is it possible to switch to another Will-o´-the-wisp if there are cancellations? I really would have wanted the Survival -Will-o´-the-wisp, but someone was a few seconds faster. And are the new, 15.3. Will-o´-the-wisps available only if you chose random Will-o´-the-wisp?

We are sorry, but it is not possible to go to those Will-o´-the-wisps that are full. It is not possible to change the will-o'-the-wisp as of after the 31st of March.

​When do I get to know the time of my Will-o'-the-wisp?

The times and dates of will-o'-the-wisps will be told to team leaders and explorers during May.