Extended camp committee

There is a large group of scouts from all around Finland, who are making Roihu possible. Have you got the guts to call and join?

Different fields are working under the Camp Committee and making sure, that Rohu will be as awesome of an experience as possible for every single participant. If you have any questions concerning a certain field, please contact us!

Project Roihu has now ended and the official e-mail addresses have been closed on December, 2016.

Extended Camp Committee:


Ari Vänskä
Project manager

Siiri Mertakorpi
Project coordinator

Taru Wallenius
Project coordinator

Anni Ylinen
Project coordinator


Emil Virkki
Digital services manager

Lasse Roiha
Experience design manager

Niilo Ikonen
Camp experience manager

Riikka Mononen
Marketing manager

Linda Pynnönen
Communications manager


Jupo Lares
Pilot training chief

Anniina Rantala
Bonfire chief

Nina Leino
Education chief

Tarja Nieminen
Education chief

Leena Leppänen
Explorer education chief

Matsku Salminen
Explorer programme chief

Katriina Rauman
Tracker education chief

Helena Siivonen
Tracker programme chief

Emilia Kaasinen
Rover education chief

Laura Koivusalo
Rover programme chief

JP Tuononen
Collective programme chief

Janne Haonperä
Collective programme chief


Kimmo Kotro
Logistics manager

Lauri Stenhäll
Medication and rescue manager

Pia Heiskanen
Catering manager

Risto Tepponen
Catering manager

Janne Costiander
Tech manager

Mikko Hietanen
Tech manager

Jaakko Honkala
Data management chief

Anna Oikarinen
Strategic head of bureau

Virpi Toivonen
Operative head of bureau

Mia Somppi
Head of security


Jari Nisula
Purchase manager

Emilia Koivuniemi
HRM chief

Taru Heikkinen
HRM vice chief

Pekka Hankela
Sales manager

Taru Pulkkinen
Economy manager

Maria Hast
Volunteer manager


Raku Hautamäki
Sub camp manager

Sakari Warro
Sub camp manager

Juho Keitaanniemi
International managerRoihun logo

Virpi Väyrynen
International manager

Kiki Lagerroos
Participant manager

Henni Varhimo
Participant manager

Kirsi Lehto
Family camp leader

Juha Mustonen
Collaboration manager