Subcamp descriptions

Each subcamp is an individual flame with its own colour. Together they form a great fire known as Roihu!

In Roihu the camp units will live in six different subcamps. In addition there’s the family camp Riehu. All subcamps and their descriptions can be found on this page.

Where will you and your friends be living? If you know the name of the camp troop or the Finnish troop you'll be living with, check out the subcamp accommodation lists here!


Humina is the sound of a bonfire. Humina is enthusiasm and good atmosphere, a laid-back and relaxed feel in a cozy environment.

The subcamp directors of Humina Raku Hautamäki and Pekka Väkiparta.

Scouts who live in Humina wear a bright white neckerchief, and have a relaxed way of life!

"Hilpeitä porukoita
Urheita sankareita
Rakkaita kavereita
Mahtavia tunteita
Aitoja ihanteita
Hurmaava Huuuuurma!"


Hurma is a subcamp where scouts get excited and succeed! In your free time you can just hang around, enjoy great food or sleep next to your best friends. Hurma lights up the atmosphere -it has scouting, sun and joy!

The subcamp leader of Roihu is Kirsi “Kipa” Aalto, paired with Ainomaija “Aikku” Uhlenius, both from Metsätytöt from the city of Tampere. The staff comes from all around Finland, and there is still space for a few good chaps in the lovable team!

You'll recognize scouts from Hurma from a lively violet neckerchief and a bubbling laughter.

"Ääni Roihun Huminan
Koti luona valkean


Polte is the fire of enthusiasm! Polte has a cheerful, and a casual yet organized atmosphere, and the scouts living there all pull together.

In charge of Polte are Loviisa Norokorpi, Leena Hietanen and 12 village leaders.

Scouts from Polte can be recognized from a fiery orange neckerchief and a loud subcamp call!

"Orange is the new black
Orange är det nya svarta
Oranssi on uusi musta
Huivin väriä tunnusta
Poltteen palo lähtee susta


Raiku is joy and energy! Raiku can be seen in the scouts’ eyes and smiles on their faces, and heard in songs and laughter. Raiku is an experience, Raiku is growing up with the best people and having fun with all the other scouts!

Two friends from southern Finland, Eino and Jenni, lead the subcamp.

Scouts in Raiku will wear a cheerful yellow neckerchiefLeirillä. #Raikualready #myrole, soon #yourrole as well!

"Reilu, Amazing, Ihana
Kära, Upee, RAIKU!"


Riehu is the family camp in Roihu that rounds up children and their parents from all the subcamps. The best way of finding Riehu is to follow the cheerful woops and laughter. Riehu never runs out of energy!

In charge of the staff in Riehu are Kirsi Lehti and Mikko “Tammi” Jylhä. These people have always good humor and a keen interest to pranks!

Scouts in Riehu will wear a neckerchief blazing in all the colors of a rainbow.

"Rauha sanoo: älä riehu!
Riehu sanoo: riehu vaan!
Ja näin sitä riehutaan!"


Syke is an active subcamp with a lively spirit! It is full of hilarious moments, joy and activities, such as Roihu itself!

The leaders of Syke are Sakari “Sakke” Warro and Anne “Herkku” Toukonen, and the subcamp staff is full of good people from even as far as Rovaniemi.

Scouts from Syke will have a dynamic green neckerchief, and an energetic can-do attitude!

"Täysii sykkii
One big heartbeat
Huikeet pulssit
Never gonna lose it


Unity is big, cheerful community where scouts with different cultural backgrounds and languages live side by side. Life in Unity is open-minded and interesting, intriguing and vivid. Unity mixes perfectly the good old scouting traditions with the  new and up-to-date.

The Unity staff comes from all around Finland and the whole world: The leaders Max Finelli and Anni Puntila come from Helsinki area, and the rest of the staff have their homes in cities around Finland, and even in Kampala, Uganda!

Scouts in Unity wear a fresh blue neckerchief. In Unity, nobody gets left behind!

"Kesä, Roihu, sä ja mä
tässä ollaan yhdessä!
Du o' ja', that's you and me
alla ropar UNITY!"