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Staff positions

Is the camp fee the same for both IST members and participants?

Yes, but if you have a staff position, your Roihu experience will be much more amazing! Also with the skills you learn in your staff position can be put to use later, and taking responsibility will look nice in the eyes of your future employers. :)

How can I get a certain kind of staff position?

The Open staff positions -page is worth taking a look at. You can also contact some of the managers and tell that you are interested in a certain kind of staff position!

What does it mean to be subteam leader/team leader/director?

Director The camp committee and extended camp committee, for example director of education.

Manager A person in charge of a larger integrity of a certain field, for example explorer education manager.

Team leader Is in charge of their own smaller integrity, like a programme valley, and  guides the subteam leaders.

Subteam leader Has an own definite area of responsibility, for example a water valley subteam leader in charge of sea rescue programme. Subteam leader is also in charge of the IST members in the same programme.

IST member A priceless pair of hands who makes the camp possible! Being an IST member does not require any planning or preparations.

What kind of staff positions will there be for explorers/rovers? Will there be programme for those who have a staff position?

We aim to offer similar staff positions to explorers as to everyone else. In addition there is a lot of programme for explorers to participate, which means that they will spend a little less time in their staff positions than rovers and adults. However, there is a lot of programme planned to rovers and adults as well — in Roihu, no-one has to be a full-time working machine!

I have signed up for a staff position in The Generator. When will I receive more info on schedules and shifts?

The team leaders will get the lists of people enrolled in the end of March, and they will contact their IST members during the spring. If you feel like the answer is taking too long, you can check the staff position you chose from The Generator and contact your team leader.

I am a tracker and I want a staff position. How can I get one?

Trackers do not need to have a staff position. If you would like to have a short staff position for your spare time, you can go talk about it in the camps job center. Unfortunately a tracker cannot reserve a staff position beforehand.

I am at camp only part-time, what should I do with the staff position?

You can apply for a staff position as usual, but remember to tell your leaders which days you are going to be present. You can also take a staff position from the camp’s job center.



Will there be a hike?

This time there will not be a hike, but explorers will have their own Will-o´-the-Wisps. They will spend 24 hours out of camp and have programme with different themes, such as ideology, experience, nature and wilderness, welfare, and creativity.

Does Roihu have a confirmation school?

There is not one planned, because it would snatch a piece too large from the camp programme.

How can I participate to the visiting day, and does it cost something?

Tickets for visiting day will be sold by Lippupalvelu ticket service, and the price will cover the costs for food and transportation. More info on our website in May!



How will units be divided into subcamps?

All units from the same area will be in the same subcamp, maybe even in the same village. This hopefully makes forming camp units and co-operation easier. Each subcamp will also have scouts from all over Finland, so it is easy to get to know new friends!

How will the international participants be divided?

The camp units are going to have an opportunity to enroll as “host units”, so the international participants will be sprea around the camp!



What is Roihu?

Roihu is the biggest youth experience in Finland, and it´s organized by scouters. The Roihu year culminates in summer 2016 to a huge camp in Evo. Read more about Roihu here!

When is the camp?

From the 20th until the 28th of July, 2016.

Where will the camp be held?

Roihu will be built in Evo, which is located between Hämeenlinna and Padasjoki. Check it on the map: https://www.google.fi/maps/@61.206006,25.1226739,2332m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en

How can I charge my phone during the camp?

Phones can be charged in cafés, and there are also plans for extra batteries people could use, in exchange for a small compensation.

How is food supply taken care of?

A food supply service has been purchased for Roihu 2016, which means that 12-hour kitchen shifts are now history!

Is it possible to bring kids to the camp?

Children under 12 can go to camp with their parents. More info on family camp here.

Will the people in different staff positions sleep in their own camp units during the camp?

Yes (Family camp is an exception).

Where can I find info on Roihu products?

Roihu online store can be found here!

Will units arrange transportation to Roihu themselves?

Yes, unless your district arranges them. The camp organization will not arrange transportation, except for providing transportation from the city of Hämeenlinna outside the normal arrival and departure times.

Are non-scouts insured during camp?

Yes.  Participants who are not members of The Guides and Scouts of Finland have a travel and accident insurance in LähiTapiola insurance company. The insurance stands for those non-scouts who don’t otherwise actively participate in scout events.

More info on the insurance here.

Is it possible to pay with card in cafés and stores?

Yes and it is actually recommended. It is also worth to have a little bit of cash with you as well.

Can I take my pet to Roihu?

No, unfortunately not.

Can I take my cell phone to Roihu?

Yes, and we recommend you take it — we are about to have a RoihuApp, where you will get more info about the camp! However, cell phone is not mandatory.

Where can I ask for a ride to the construction camp?

Info on transportation for the assembly and taking down camps here!

How can I enroll my family to be hosts for home hospitality?

Enroll via email, instructions here.


Did nott find what you were looking for? Head to ask.fm/roihu2016 and ask anything - we will answer! You can also send an email: info@roihu2016.fi


Tyttö puhaltaa saippuakuplia Roihu-logo poskessaan
Photo: Anna Enbuske