Visiting day

Everyone is most welcome to come and visit Roihu on the 24th of July!

Visiting day is organized on Sunday the 24th of July from 9am until 7pm and we welcome up to 10.000 visitors to come and see the camp fun!

In order for the day to run smoothly, the visiting day is organized in five visiting waves; 9am-3pm, 10am-4pm, 11am-5pm, 12pm-6pm, and 1pm-7pm. Tickets are sold for a specific wave and they are only valid for the wave indicated in the ticket.


Ticket sales begin on the 23rd of May and will continue until the 26th of June or until the tickets have been sold out. It is not possible to buy tickets from the camp gate or from the gathering spot in the city of Hämeenlinna. Purchase your tickets here!

Tickets cost 20 €/person (children under 7 years old will visit for free but you must remember to reserve a ticket for them!) and parking will cost 30 €/car. Parking will be purchased at the same time as your ticket. Please note that on top of the price of the ticket, a service fee (1.50/2.50 €) from the ticketing company will be added to each ticket, including the tickets for under 7-years-olds.

The ticket price includes a visit to the camp, transport from the parking area or from the Hämeenlinna station to the camp and back and a packed lunch. Visiting time at the camp is five (5) hours.

Which ticket to choose?

If you are arriving by public transportation to Hämeenlinna railway station, please choose your ticket as "lippu Hämeenlinnasta"/"From Hämeenlinna" as this ticket will also include return transportation to Hämeenlinna station.

If you are arriving in your own car, please choose a ticket for the visiting wave you wish to be a part of.


There are many ways to arrive at the camp during the visiting day. Read more here.


During the visiting day you will get to see and live the camp! You get to see how over 16.000 participants have built an international village into the forest, as more than fifth of the participants are from abroad. There will be programme organized both by the camp organization and the international participants.


The packed lunch that is included in the ticket can be picked up from the subcamps' eating areas at 10am–11.30am and 1pm–3pm. Between 11.30am and 1pm the area is reserved for the campers; unfortunately we don't have enough room to enable campers and their visitors eating together. Still, there will surely be some queueing involved, so please be patient.

For enjoying coffee or tea with your lunch, you should come prepared with your own mug. It is also highly recommended for everyone to have a bottle containing at least 0,5 litres of water for drinking, as the water stations will surely be queued as well. Other cutlery is not needed.


The cafés, kiosks and the camp shop will be open the whole day. From the shop you can purchase i.e. camp merchandise, clothes and camping gear.

Good to know

Visiting day will be an experience for both campers and visitors. Do not forget to pack with you a water bottle, mug, warm clothes and shoes suitable for any weather. For making this a great experience for everyone, plenty of good humor and a relaxed attitude will also be useful: there will be lots of people, so please prepare yourself for that occasionally some areas may be slightly crowded.

Welcome to experience Roihu!

Photo: Roman Heimhuber / Roverway 2012