Arrival to visiting day

There are multiple ways to arrive to the visiting day — we recommend group transportation or having multiple people in your car.

During the visiting day there will be a number of people coming and going to and from the camp. That is why it is very important to reserve enough time for being everywhere on time — do not trust to e.g. make it to your bus by arriving at the last minute.

Make sure that you have bought your ticket to the visiting day beforehand, regardless of the method of your arrival.

Shuttle buses from the city of Hämeenlinna

Buses leave from Hämeenlinna train station every 30 mins, starting at 9am. From there, the bus will go to the camp area via Hämeenlinna bus station. The first bus back to Hämeenlinna leaves at 1pm from the camp and goes back the same route.

You can take with you baby strollers and other personal belongings that you may need during the day but please note that it is unfortunately not possible to leave anything to the bus for the day.

Each bus has their own host from whom you may ask any questions regarding the visiting day should the need arise.

Bus timetables:

Shuttle bus timetable:

From the parking area From the camp area
9:00am 3:00pm
10:00am 4:00pm
11:00am 5:00pm
12:00pm 6:00pm
1:00pm 7:00pm

Own transportation

Cars, motorcycles and other motor vehicles will be parked to a parking area roughly 15 km from the camp area. From the parking area, there will be a shuttle bus taking you to the camp area.

Parking costs 30 €/vehicle and must be purchased beforehand at the same time as your visiting day ticket.

People with disabilities

People with disabilities and a disability sticker on their vehicle may drive directly to the camp area. Other traffic in and around the camp area is strictly restricted.

If your car has a disability sticker, the car can be driven to the camp gate, drop people off and then drive to the parking area at Evokeskus. From there, the driver will get transportation to the camp gate in either a car or a vehicle designed for disabled people, depending on the driver. Cars cannot be parked at the camp gate.

Cars can also be directly driven to Evokeskus and from there with the assistance of either visiting day staff or security personnel a car will come to pick you up to the camp gate.

People with disabled parking permits do not need to buy a parking ticket, only a ticket for the visiting day.

By foot or by bike

You can also choose to arrive by foot or by bike! Bicycles can be parked onto a separate parking area by the camp area.

There will be lots of bus traffic around the camp area during the visiting day, so please be extra cautious as you are approaching the camp!


It is not possible to arrive directly to the camp area by taxi. Taxis will have to leave their customers to either the parking area or to Hämeenlinna, from where you can catch the shuttle bus either from the railway station or the bus station.

Taxis for disabled people are allowed to bring customers directly to the camp gate.

Mini buses and buses

Mini buses (1+8 places) and buses are treated as group transportation. The camp organization will give further instructions for those who wish to arrive by these.