Good to know about visiting day

This is where you will find tips for and important extra information about the visiting day.

It is good to be prepared to queue during the day — we are expecting a number of quests on top of the large number of campers. Equip yourself with positive attitude and a lasting smile to make everyone's day easier!


Visitors ought to dress for the weather and wear shoes suitable for walking in the forest. We also recommend that you take a water bottle with you (camp area has a number of points where you can refill it). For cafes and stores, please take cash with you. If you wish to purchase coffee/tea, you will need to take your own reusable mug with you.

It is possible to bring small items for your campers but it is also possible to purchase a selection of goodies and equipment on site.


Unfortunately, animals are not allowed in the visiting day due to allergy and security reasons. Guide dogs are the only exception. Please remember that you cannot leave your pets even at the parking areas; there is not pet park and animals cannot be left into cars for the day.


Our goal is to be as accessible as usual but if you need aids to move aroung, it is good to note that distances at the campsite are long. Additionally, when moving away from the main roads, moving around will be even more difficultt due to the terrain. The accessibility team has a contact point in the main cafe and you might want to go and have a look at what they have got to offer.

How do I find my camper at the camp?

Shuttle bus drop-off points have signs to point you to the camp. You can find a map of the camp area from the program or even your phone via the Roihu app! The campers are instructed to wait for their visitors in their camp units but the easiest way to find them on the day, is to figure out beforehand the subcamp and camp unit of your camper. Almost everyone wearing a neckerchief will then be able to direct you to the right subcamp!

Moving around

You need to let your campers camp unit know when you are intending to return to the subcamp. It is possible to move around the camp area freely but you are not allowed to enter unknown camp unit's areas or areas that have been indicated as "no entry". If you are planning to go away from the camp area, your camper needs a permission slip, which you can get from the subcamp's office.


Visitors will receive a map attached to their visiting day guide and toilets will be indicated on the map. It is not allowed to do your business anywhere but in the toilets. Camp toilets are portable toilets and there will be separate toilets for men and women as well as a number of accessible toilets. There are also toilets in the parking areas.

Smoking and other intoxicants

Intoxicants are not allowed at Roihu, so bringing e.g. alcohol to the camp area is strictly forbidden. Adults can smoke at indicated smoking areas. As scouts we raise young people via leading by example — we hope that all vistors remember this.

More information

If you still have questions that the website has not answered, please contact Roihu's office at:!

Photo: Harri Halmejärvi