Driving instructios and parking areas on visiting day

If you are arriving to the visiting day with a car or a motorcycle, this is where you will find the necessary driving instructions and information about parking

On the visiting day there will be two separate parking areas P1 and P2. Parking areas are designated for the visiting waves; the first three waves (9am-3pm, 10am-4pm, and 11am-5pm) will park on P1 and the last two (12pm-6pm and 1pm-7pm) to area P2.

By following the instructions down below and the signs on site you will surely find your way to the right parking area. Please obey the instructions given by Roihu staff whilst moving aroung the parking area.

Buses will return to parking areas so, that the ones leaving at 3pm, 4pm, and 5pm will drive to P1 and the ones at 6pm and 7pm to P2. Please be on time at the bus stop on Rahtijärventie!


This is designated for the first three waves: 9am-3pm, 10am-4pm, and 11am-5pm.

The address is: Porkkalankuja 1, Hämeenlinna.

When you arrive to P1 from the South (Kantatie 10) West, or East (Kantatie 12):

  • after Tuulonen shopping center, continue on the road number 53 for 6.3km towards Padasjoki
  • turn right (road 3191)

When you are arriving from the North (kantatie 10):

  • from the crossroad of Opistontie, continue roughly 12km to the South
  • turn left (tie 3191)


This is the designated parking area for the last two visiting groups: 12pm-6pm or 1pm-7pm.

The parking is located at the yard of He-Vi Hasila factory, at Syrjäntaustantie 8, Hämeenlinna.

When you arrive to P2 from the South (kantatie 10), West (kantatie 12), or North (kantatie 10, kantatie 53):

  • from the crossroads of kantatie 10, 12, and 53, continue 5.5.km towards Lahti
  • turn right (Syrjäntaustantie)

When you arrive fron the East (kantatie 12):

  • after the crossroad of Turengintie and Lammi kk, continue 2.7.km
  • turn left (Syrjäntaustantie)