Explorers, rovers and adults – show your skills with an Open Badge!

Open Badge

All explorers, rovers and adults can apply for an Open Badge to show for their acknowledged know-how. It is a virtual reference that is internationally acknowledged, and easy to use to the international guests and non-scouts as well. An Open Badge might also come in handy when applying for a job or otherwise in the working life. It also possible to include it in studies.

It is up to you how broadly you want to describe your know-how -you can for example attach feedback from your team leader to your Open Badge.

Document your learning

It is important to document your learning process while you are working in your staff position. Contemplate your progress and the skills you have acquired, and take some notes -this will help you when it is time to apply for a Badge.

During Roihu there will be many workshops to support you with your Open Badge project.

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