Daily schedule and other useful information

Find more information about assembly and taking down camps' schedule, accommodation, meals and other useful stuff here!

Daily schedule

The daily schedule of the construction and takedown camps will have the following structure:

Breakfast 7.30 am - 9 am
Lunch 12 pm - 2 pm
Dinner 5 pm - 7 pm
(After dinner the meeting for the construction/takedown camp's extended executive board, meetings for the divisions if necessary)

Women's sauna 7.30 pm
Men's sauna 8.30 pm
Supper 9 pm - 10.30 pm
Evening sauna 10 pm onwards


The construction camp will be led by Roihu's technology leaders Mikko 'Hietsu' Hietanen and Janne Costiander along with their teams. They will be responsible of the prioritizing the projects at the camp based on the shared plan and advanged signup. The first priority will be the basic infrastructure of the camp, shared structures and critical locations for the camp organizing, such as kitchen and washing facilities.

The division structures (such as sub camps) can be started to build when the structures with higher priority have been completed, on Tuesday July 19th at the latest.

Kehittämö, together with the construction camp leaders, divides the builders for their tasks.​ When your previous task has been completed, please sign up at Kehittämö, where you get your next task.

Building the camp units is a part of the campers' programme and will not start until at the first official camp day on 20th of July. In case of rain, canopies can be build to the camp units to shelter the equipment.


During the construction and takedown camps everyone will be sleeping in their own​ tents.

  • If you take part in the construction camp but not the actual camp, you will be accommo​dated in the camp hotel's area
  • If you take part both in the construction camp and the actually camp, you will be accommo​dated in your camp unit's area immediately after it is marked to the nature
    • Before this, the accommodation will take place in the camp hotel or in our ​sub camp's area


Food will be provided for everyone, there will be breakfast, lunch, dinner, and an evening snack.

Assembly camp workers will have a banquet dinner on Tuesday night and it will be only for those who have an assembly camp wristband. Other attendees at assembly camp (who do not have the wristband) will have to bring their own food. The evening snack will be available for everyone.

The construction camp meals will be served in the ​​Hurma sub camp's kitchen. At the end of the construction camp, the meals might also be served in the kitchen of Syke subcamp.

There will be a constant coffee service.


At the beginnig of the construction camp, bathing will take place at the Evokeskus. When our sauna and shower facilities have been build, they will be taken into use instead. This will be announced during the construction camp.

Support for the volunteers

The support for the volunteers at the construction camp works in four ways:

  1. Mental maintenance; managing at the job or thoughts about the future staff position. Leader maintenance master Pertti Lampinen's 'Listening Ears' are easy to reach by phone.
  2. Tea and crackers are available at Keidas' Old Scouter Café on Sunday 17th of July and Monday 18th of July starting at 9 pm with free networking, you can take your supper with you and meet friends.
  3. Keidas Spa will open for test usage starting from Sunday 17th of July at 7.30 pm with shared sauna for men and women. Help us to test the showers and old-fashioned bath tubs. Take a towel and a swimsuit with you.
  4. Saunas outside the camp area, related to rewarding, start to warm up on Monday 18th of July. The usage during the construction camp will be announced at the camp, or you can ask free sauna turns from Leader maintenance subteam leader.

Vehicles and bringing equipment

​During the construction camp, there will be approximately 2,000 of us at the busiest. To make the moving around in the camp area and working even with big machines as safe as possible, the camp area traffic will be limited already during the construction camp.

Driving premit  ​sub team leader or the gate team leader will give different driving permits based on necessity also for the construction camp, for instance for a single vehicle, personal or team permit or a one time permit. Drivers bringing individual ​deliveries will be given a permit for one drive at the gates of the camp area. Those arriving during the construction camp or bringing a camp units's equipment are co-ordinated for deliveries and thus, are given only permits for one drive (valid for circa 2 hours).

The Secu​rity will also grant driving permits for functions supporting the building of the camp, for example for (pick-up) trucks and cars with trailers, which agree to support the camp logistics in transporting materials and tools. Other vehicles are to be moved to the camp builder parking lot after their permit expires. There is a shuttle transportation from the parking lot to the camp area.

Everyone should pay special attention for traffic safety! You will not need a driving permit for a bicycle, but the bicycle must be registered as a a 'camp bicycle'.

There will also be heavy machines moving around the camp area, such as cranes, telehandlers, Avants and ATVs. These machines also require a driving permit. The machines moving at the area are rented for the camp, but using them is only allowed for those familiarized with them. The ATVs will be tractor ATVs registered for road traffic and require helmet usage.

Work safety

Own equipment:

  • Work gloves
  • Safety boots (recommended)
  • Safety goggles
  • Reflective vest or a reflector and a head lamp for working and walking in the dark. There will be plenty of vehicles and machines moving in the area even during dark​.
The construction camp's tool ​rental shop can provide some safety equipment for loan. Safety boots are a personal equipment and they will not be available. When moving in the camp area, your knife must be shedded and other tools must be transported so that they do not cause danger for you or others.


Announcements ​will be shown on the camp service centre's info screens and on the sub camp's info screens when they are set. Aside from that, the announcements are also made during the meal times.


During the construction and takedown camps, the same rules towards drugs will be applied as during the actual camp.


Everyone is responsible for recycling their own and their building target's trash according to the camp guidelines.