Using your phone at the camp

You can use your phone at the camp too, if you'd like to! Read more about RoihuApp and other related stuff here!

There will be a wifi-connection that covers the whole camp area! It's been made possible in co-operation with Elisa. Please note, that it might not be possible for everyone to be connected all the time, however. You should be prepared for slight lags with apps like Facebook or WhatsApp.

If you decide to bring your phone, please make sure that your travel insurance has it covered!

In case of emergencies at home, the camp can be reached by calling this number: +358 (0)10 190 110. The call will be forwarded to the camp unit leader, who will then be in touch with your family. If possible, any contact should always be made first with one's own group leader. It is recommended that all the participants keep important phone numbers with them on paper, just in case.

Charging your phone

Kuva powerbankistaIt is possible to charge your phone at Roihu with this powerbank on sale at our webstore!

The manufacturer is Polyconcept GBS and the price is 12 €. If you need to recharge the powerbak, you can switch it to a new one at the camp's cafes and stores for 2,50 €.

The powerbank's capacity is 4000mAh - that means you can charge your phone with it approximately twice, depending on your phone. It comes with an USB-cord but if you use an i-Phone, you should have your own charging cord with you. The powerbank also has a flashlight. You can prolong the charging period by using your phone economically.

If you order yours in advance, you'll get it fully charged. When purchasing at the camp it only has a storage charge. You can pick up your powerbank at the camp from Indie campware store; the item will not be delivered before camp. If you have a printed confirmation of order, it will make the pick up quicker!

Product information

Capacity: 4000mAh
Size: 97 x 46 x 23 mm
Colour: white
Attributes: output 5V 1000mA, charging indicator (led), flashlight, USB-cord
Manufacturer: Polyconcept GBS

Unfortunately it will not be possible to charge any other types of powerbanks at the camp. Using this type of powerbank is the only way of charging your phone at the camp.

Social media

While you participate in any type of programme, please enjoy the moment and focus on the activities. There will be many quite eventful activities where you might risk losing or damaging your phone. Please protect your phone carefully or just leave it in your backpack.

Should any accidents happen, communicating about it will be Roihu organisation's responsibility: please don't spread anything but alert the authorities and get help instead! Help if you can or give space to other helpers.

Please also remember these guidelines:

  • When posting a picture, think first: would you post a similar picture of yourself?
  • Don't take pictures in secret, troll or bully anyone
  • Give your phone a rest during the night too!

When posting something on social media, please use these hashtags: #roihu2016 #firedup

Recommended apps


Roihu has its own app! It contains a map of the area, information about places and programme as well as some voluntary camp activities. It's also easy to give your contact information to a new friend by taking a screenshot of your own details in the app.

You can already find the beta version from Apple, Google and Microsoft's appstores. The final version will be published before the camp, so check for updates! You can find the app by typing "Roihu 2016".

112 Suomi

It is highly recommended that everyone also downloads an app called "112 Suomi". The app is used for calling the Finnish national emergency service (112). When using the app, it will locate you automatically, so you don't need to know your exact location if you need help. You can use the app in English.


The Guides and Scouts of Finland in co-operation with UPM have released a mobile game meant for the Trackers' forest themed activities at the camp. In the game, you will start a business for making products out of wood. The game is also available for iOS:lle, Androidille ja Windows Phone. You can find it from the appstores by the name "MobiMetsä". It is also available in English!