Arriving to camp with your own car

If you cannot participate in the group transportation, it is possible to arrive to the camp with your own car. We recommend car-sharing!

The easiest way to arrive and leave from the camp is with group transportation, as it will take you conveniently all the way to the camp area. However, if this is not possible in any way, it is possible to drive a camper to the camp and pick them up from there. Drop-off and pick-up site is Rahtijärventie, which is close to the camp area and arrival to there is done from the south via Opistontie.

For campers own cars and other motorized vehicles we have reserved two parking areas roughly 5km from the camp site. Between the parking areas, Evokeskus and the camp site runs a shuttle bus, which is free of charge.

Car sharing

If you cannot arrive to Roihu with group transportation or your own car, another great way is to share a car. Roihu has it's own car sharing site, which can be found here! It will help people looking for a ride and the one's offering one to find each other. Car sharing is also a very ecological option!

Parking areas

Parking areas will open on Friday the 15th of July and close on Sunday the 31st of July. During the assembly (19th of July until 9pm) and taking down (from 28th of July, 6pm onwards) camps it is possible to drive to the camp site but after this cars will need to be taken to parking areas. Directions and times for this will be given on site. During the camp (from 19th of July 9pm to 28th of July 6pm) the camp area cannot be accessed with own cars.

We hope that everyone would move their cars from the sandpit on Thursday the 28th of July after 6pm to the other staff parking areas.

Staff park 1

Iso-Evonraitti 3, 16960 Hämeenlinna

61° 10.713’ N, 25° 2.651’ E

Staff park 2 - Closed, shuttle bus doesn't stop here

Mäkikulmantie 39, 16960 Hämeenlinna

61° 10.919’ N, 25° 2.427’ E


Staff park 3 

Located opposite to Staff park 1


Shuttle bus timetable

The shuttle bus will start to run on Friday 15th of July at 6pm and will finish on Sunday 31st of July at 1pm. You do not need to book a place in the shuttle bus. 

The shuttle bus leaves from the main camp gate at every hour between 9 am and 9 pm (9:00, 10:00, 11:00 etc). From Staff parks the bus leaves 20min past the hour.

Because of the end of camp party on Wednesday the 27th of July, the shuttle bus will exceptionally run until 10pm.

On Thursday the 28th of July the shuttle bus runs normally. It leaves every hour from the logistics center, until 9pm. Each bus goes via the sandpit as there are a number of cars parked there and Arabiantie is a one way road.

During the taking down camp, the shuttle bus will run according to its normal schedule.

The shuttle bus route is:
Logistics center
Arabiantie (via sandpit)
Padasjoentie (VT53)
Staff park 1
Staff park 2
Camp gate
Logistics center