It is almost time!

The camp starts in just a few days — this page will provide you with tips on how to get ready for Roihu!

We have been getting ready for Roihu for the whole year but now is the time to race to the finish line. Check the following list and make sure that you are prepared!

Car sharing

Do you still need a ride to the camp or away from the camp? Check Roihu's car sharing site here.

Labelling your equipment

There are aroung 17.000 of us at the camp. If you lose something, having labelled it will make it easier for you to possibly get it back. In the name label you should include information about your sub camp and camp troop.

Camp life

If there is something about the camp life that is still a big question mark for you, you might want to give a look at the "camp life" section on here.

Arrival to the camp

Good to know information about arrival to the camp be found here.

Safely Together

Have you read through the Safely Together materials? Every participant over the age of 18yrs and group leader over the age of 15yrs will have to read and understand the material. If you have not done it yet, please do it right now at

Camp programme

Camp programme -section will be a useful tool for familiarizing yourself with the camp programme. More information can be found via the link.

You might also want to learn the camp song and your sub camp's shout ulkoa. In the general programme you will learn more about the story of Roihu that started in the spring.

Mobile phones

Are you thinking about having a mobile phone at the camp? You can charge your phone with a powerbank and there is a WiFi at the camp. Even before the camp, we recommend downloading the RoihuApp and "112 Suomi", the latter one is for emergency services in the case of an emergency. More information about all this can be found here.