Night of the Arts

Tuesday July 26, the camp area will be full of different kinds of entertainment, workshops and activities!

Night of the Arts is an event for the entire camp, taking place the second last evening, Tuesday July 26. Originally, the Night of the Arts was directed to the Explorers only, but since we noticed that the event’s contents were so brilliant, we wanted to bring the event for the entire camp. This allows us to enjoy an evening full of experiences and possibilities with all of the 17 000 participants!

What is the Night of the Arts?

  • a possibility to do what you haven’t had time to do during the camp, but what you would still like to experience
  • something completely different, something great, something Finnish, that you can only experience once in a lifetime, or once during Roihu
  • understanding the concept of arts in an educational, supportive, relaxed, scout-like and teamwork spirit

Events around the camp

During the Night of the Arts, there are events going on everywhere around the camp! You can encounter, for example, these events:

  • Children’s disco 18:00-20:00 at the Frontstage
  • Making pancakes and enjoying pleasant conversations in the Riehu family camp
  • Trackers’ disco 19:30-21:45 at the main stage
  • Different workshops and other activities for all ages at Leirisuora, the main street
  • The great barbeque fest: grilled evening meal everywhere in the camp!
  • Different theme nights and special menus at the cafés
  • Säpinät – a sexual health event for Explorers, 18:00-21:00 in the evening café
  • Around 50 different, creative workshops for Explorers and Rovers, 20:00-23:30, around the evening café and in the Rovers’ programme valley
  • International evening and other programme for Rovers and Adults, including a fire performance workshop, 21:00-01:00 at Keidas

Throughout the duration of the camp, the accessibility course is open at Leirisuora. You can try different aids, like a wheelchair. During the Night of the Arts, the accessibility course is open until 22:00. During that time, you can try wheelchair dancing, and paint with your feet in a contest!

Programme by age groups

Family camp
The children in the Family camp can participate in an active and inclusive Children’s disco 18:00-20:00 at the Frontstage, at the north end of Leirisuora. In the Family camp, there will be pancakes and pleasant conversations.

Trackers’ disco takes place at the main stage 19:30-21:45 (the last slow dance at 21:30).

Explorers’ evening begins with Säpinät, a sexual health event in the evening café 18:00-21:00. Explorers can freely explore and take part in the activities in the stops managed by different organisations and the event’s staff. Some of the stops are running non-stop, others run in 10 to 15 minutes cycles. Säpinät is open for all the camp’s Explorers.

Explorers and Rovers
After Säpinät, Explorers and Rovers can participate in their mutual Night of the Arts programme. The event takes place in the area around the evening café. In the event, Explorers and Rovers can freely explore different creative workshops. See the separate page for the workshops!
During the Night of the Arts, the Rovers’ valley is also open for Explorers.
The Explorers’ and Rovers’ Night of the Arts ends with Zombie walk, in which you can participate either as a zombie or a spectator. In the tuning workshop you can transform your clothes into a zombie outfit, and complete the scary look in the body painting workshop. Zombie walk will begin from the evening café at 23:45 and will be directed towards the camp for a few hundred metres. From there, the zombies will go to the saunas to wash themselves, and Explorers and Rovers will return to the camp for sleep (Rovers can also go to Keidas for a little while...).

Rovers and Adults
An international evening for Rovers and Adults will take place at Keidas. In addition, the programme includes fire performance in a several workshops. Keidas will have programme 21:00-01:00.