Camp Committee

At Roihu, all the roads do not lead to Rome, but to our camp committee instead!

Different fields are working under the camp committee and making sure, that Rohu will be as awesome of an experience as possible for every single participant. If you have any questions concerning a certain field, please contact us!

Project Roihu has now ended and the official e-mail addresses have been closed on December, 2016.


Heikki Otsolampi
Strategic Chief of Camp


Jaakko "Piitu" Piitulainen
Operative Chief of Camp

Julius "Julle" Oförsagd
Chief of Experiences

Maria "Kerttu" Kuusisto

Chief of Education

Iitu Martikainen, kasvatusjohtaja

Anna-Mari "Iitu" Martikainen
Chief of Education


Vesa-Pekka "Vesku" Murtovaara
Chief of Services


Matti Väätäinen

Chief of Services

Mikko Väisänen

Chief of Resources


Anne Salmela

Chief of Co-operation